Solar Light Company Ltd

Solar Light Company Ltd. promotes Green energy with solar electric systems in Ghana and other West African countries. We ensure the ready availability of systems with standard but flexible packages to suit a variety of needs. Solar Light Co seeks to maximize the local value added to its systems.

Solar Light differentiates itself from other suppliers of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems by focusing on total customer service. This means that the company supplies all components and expertise needed for the customer to benefit immediately from the use of solar power, and will

support the system throughout its working life.

In addition to packaged solar electric systems, which include solar water heaters, Solar Light offers general electrical consulting and distribution of electrical goods. Solar Light has been in continuous service since 1998 and has hundreds of satisfied customers to its credit.

Africa’s Solar Market

The African market for solar energy is distinct from the programs commonly found in North America, Europe and Japan. In most African countries electricity is unstable, or expensive, or both. Users are stuck in the dark or have to deal with even more expensive and inefficient generator sets.

The energy shortfalls have created a sizable potential market for Solar Light Co. in grid-based areas in addition to the more traditional market of off-grid households. Solar Light Co. will establish a leading presence in the market with high quality, well-priced systems.

Solar Light’s marketing targets households, shops, offices, governmental agencies, and institutions in both urban and rural areas. Specific products have been designed to meet the needs of each of these market groups.

Research and Development

A major objective of Solar Light Co. is to provide affordable energy solutions through leading-edge technologies. In line with this objective, significant resources are dedicated to finding newer and better ways of producing distributed energy, and constantly improving the quality of products of the company.

System Packaging and Design

All Solar Light Company systems are sold complete with lights and fixtures where needed, and include installation in the customer’s home for domestic, and businesses. The systems are backed by a 20-year warranty on the panel power output and a 2-year warranty on most other individual components.

The basic domestic package is priced to be affordable to the average middle-class professional. Over time, the user may install additional panels and batteries to handle even more home appliances. Solar Light’s system design lends itself easily to this packaging approach.