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Product Development With a team of seasoned professionals, Solar Light Co. can develop and build energy efficient systems that serve your specific needs. Our custom applications ensure that you get the service you need, with help just a local phone call away.

Support and Maintenance All Solar Light systems are fully maintained and serviced for the first year at no additional cost. Individual components such as the PV panels are guaranteed for 20 years or more. Solar Light’s installation and service team pays routine visits to all installations to detect and correct any potential problems. We are a local company with global expertise – always at your call.

System Sizing and Installation Solar Light takes care of every item needed for a complete working installation. We replace any energy-wasting devices with energy-saving ones, and offer advice on keeping your costs low. Solar Light’s designers review the appliances you need to run, and prepare an estimate. Once approved, we acquire all the materials and perform the installation, usually within a day or two.

Financing A major challenge in the solar energy industry is affordability.  Solar Light does not offer direct financing but can assist with financing for qualified customers wherever possible. Credit is offered in partnership with established financial institutions.

Energy Consulting Solar Light Company’s activities go well beyond solar electric systems. Among other services, we offer support and consulting in:
Energy Management and Efficiency
Renewable Energy Application (wind, hydro, biomass, etc.)
Solar Water Heating, Drying, and Water Distillation
Passive Solar Cooling for Buildings
Engineering Planning and Management

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