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Solar Backup System SBS-2

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Small Home Backup System (SBS-2)
Backup power for lights, fans and TV in a 3-bedroom house
Power for 320W x 8hrs x 3days
Solar Panels (100Wp or equivalent)
Deep Cycle Batteries (100Ah or equivalent)
LVD Charge Controller
Pure sinewave inverter
Mounting, switches, cabling and installation

Product Description

Solar backup system for 2-3 Bedroom House

Provides power for:

Appliances Rating Quantity Hrs/Day Days/Wk
Outside Lights 15 watt 2 12 hrs 3 days
Interior Lights 15 watt 6 5 hrs 3 days
Fans 70 watt 2 10 hrs 3 days
TV Set 80 watt 1 6 hrs 3 days

1 review for Solar Backup System SBS-2

  1. Dominic S. Pokperlaar
    5 out of 5


    I am okay with the above solar backup system

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