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BUILDINGS ( Pre-packaged / Rural Lighting Systems) Solar Light offers economical, pre-packaged lighting systems for rural electrification. The system is designed as a Direct Current (DC) system, but can be upgraded to 240 volts (AC) system at any time.

Backup Systems Backup Systems are designed to provide power to household and commercial appliances in the event of a blackout.

Hybrid Systems SOLARIS is an energy-saving solar electric system that runs certain appliances, particularly lights completely and permanently independent of the grid.

REMOTE STATIONS EAGLE provides power for security lighting and radio transceivers running 24 hours a day. The EAGLE system is ideal for the Police, Customs, Armed forces, forestry and wild life departments, mining and other exploration firms to power their remote sites.

TELECOMMUNICATIONS TELEPOWER solar system provides autonomous power for transceivers, transponders, repeaters, and cell sites typically in the 100-watt range or less.

HOSPITALS & CLINICS NIGHTINGALE provides power for passage and area lights, theater lights, vaccine refrigerators, suction machines, and other vital medical devices in hospitals, clinics and health posts.

AGRICULTURE AGROPOWER provide power for water pumping systems for crop irrigation and livestock watering. This system has the capacity to lift water from up to 60meters and is also capable of pumping up to 17,000 liters of water/day.

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