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Management Team

Mawuli Tse is the Executive Director of Solar Light. He has a varied background in telecommunications, internet, renewable energy, and engineering. Mr. Tse served as a consultant to the government of Cape Verde in a project to install and finance 5,000 photovoltaic systems in homes on the island nation. Mr. Tse holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Technology Policy from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Martin Akuetey is Projects Manager for Solar Light. He coordinates large institutional projects, and led the successful installation of a 315kWp solar project for a major international research institution in Ghana.

Che Assasie-Gyimah is the Buisness Development and Governance Officer at Solar Light.  He has a strong background in the energy industry including Audits, corporate governance, business development and marketing. He holds a master’s degree in Leading innovation and change at York Saint John University.

Mawuli Ankou is the Customer Service Officer at Solar Light.  He is in charge of order fulfillment and management of the company’s retail outlet. Mawuli holds a degree in information systems and has several years of experience in customer service and support.

Hope Siabi is the Administrative Officer of Solar Light.  He holds a Higher National Diploma in building technology, and has been engaged in many major construction and project management initiatives.

Solar Light is supported by a team of technicians, customer service personnel, and administrative staff.

Solar Light Advisory Board

Charles Asubonteng is a CPA and CFA who currently runs a private equity fund. He has an extensive background in the energy and mining sectors. He has held executive and finance positions at DTE Energy, Mopani Mines (Zambia), and Ford Motor Company.

Charles Botchway is an investment banker and CEO of Madison Street Capital in Chicago. He is a renowned M&A specialist with a strong record of advising diverse companies successfully evaluate and negotiate partnerships for growth.

Jemadari Kamara is head of the African Studies program at the University of Massachusetts in Boston. He has spent decades developing deep links in Africa through projects, research, and student programs. He presently heads the Youth Empowerment Service program in the US, Cape Verde, Senegal, and Benin.

Bill Keefe is President of online clothing retailer Julianna Rae. He has a long career in marketing and business development, and has held executive positions at EMC, Africa Online, and was a Peace Corps volunteer in Togo.

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