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Sunana Marketing Agents +

Join the Solar Light team to market and sell our award-winning Sunana mobile charging stations.   Agents are needed across Ghana to help sell or rent the Sunana charging stations to street vendors and other enterprising individuals.  Generous commissions assured.  Agents can also run the mobile charging stations themselves.

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Country Partners +

Opportunities exist for Solar Light partners in various West African countries. You must be a going business with a visible storefront presence. You also need to have at least two technicians available for installation and support work.
Solar Light will provide our solar kits, training, marketing materials, and support. Respond with details about your company for consideration now.
Countries needed:

  • Burkina Faso
  • Cameroun
  • Gambia
  • Guinea
  • Ivory Coast
  • Liberia
  • Niger
  • Senegal

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