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It’s not just about clean energy – we give you solutions for reliable power, year after year. Solar costs are coming down and getting more competitive with generators and other conventional power sources. The useful life of a PV unit can exceed 30 years, making photovoltaic technology a cost effecttive energy solution in the long term as well as in the short term.

Solar Light Company is a leader in the design and installation of solar electrification systems in West Africa. We provide packaged and custom solutions with lifetime customer support.

Our relationship with you, our customer, starts with a free evaluation of your site by one of our Energy Consultants. We work with you to determine your energy needs, and then recommend solutions that fit within your budget.

Featured Systems

All Solar Light’s systems are built to last over 30 years, and we continuously contact our customers to make sure you are getting the most from your investment.

Backup power for lights, fans and TV in a 3-bedroom house Power for 320W x 8hrs x 3days

Solar Backup System SBS-2

Deluxe Backup System (SBS-3). Power for 700W x 8hrs x 3days. Backup power for lights, fans and fridge in 4-5 bedroom house

Solar Backup System SBS-3

Solar Gridtie System SGS-1&2


Solar Light provides systems and services for the following


Lighting systems, power for TVs, fridges, and other small appliances

Offices and shops

Lighting and power for computers, fax machines, and telephones

Institutions & factories

Room lighting, emergency lights, passage lights, small appliances.

Hotels & Guest Houses

Let your guests stay relaxed! Lighting for rooms and passages, emergency lighting, fans.

Churches & Community Ctrs

Power for lighting, ventilation, and small public address systems. Small appliances too gets power.

Remote homes, stations, clinics

Let not get in dark. We do installations and complete solar power for lighting and small appliances.



Sunana Mobile Chargers are designed by Solar Light Company to allow street vendors and other marginalized small businesses to increase their incomes and improve their livelihoods while saving the environment.

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