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Empower West Africa with Solar Energy

Solar-Light would like to partner with you to bring solar energy to NGOs, churches, schools, and clinics that you serve.  Solar Light’s proven systems provide power for lighting, mobile phones, computers, and other equipment.  Our subsidiaries in Africa provide the installation under the supervision of


Three Ghanaian companies have emerged winners in the Power Africa Off-Grid Energy Challenge, sponsored by General Electric (GE), United States Africa Development Foundation (USADF), and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The companies, which have each been awarded a grant of $ 100,000,

About solar PV systems of Solar Light Co. Ltd.

The solar PV systems offered include three main components: the source (PV panel), the storage unit (battery), and the load (lights or other appliances). The product offerings of Solar Light Co. differ in terms of their applications, capacity, additional options, and price. Solar Light goes

Africa’s Solar Market

The African market for solar energy is distinct from the programs commonly found in North America, Europe and Japan. In most African countries electricity is unstable, or expensive, or both. Users are stuck in the dark or have to deal with even more expensive and