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Mini Home System MHS-2

Mini Home System (MHS-2)
Provides power 80W x 8hrs x 7days
Full time affordable package includes:
Solar Panels (80Wp or equivalent)
Deep Cycle Batteries
LVD Charge Controller
LED and CFL energy saving lamps (included)
10.5-in LCD Flat panel TV (included)
Mountings, switches, cabling and installation


Mini home system for rural applications

System provides power for the following:

Appliances Rating Quantity Hrs/Day Days/Wk
Outside Lights 11 watt 2 12 hrs 7 days
Interior Lights 3 watt 6 5 hrs 7 days
Stereo 20 watt 1 5 hrs 7 days
TV Set (10in LCD) 20 watt 1 5 hrs 7 days